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In today’s business environment, corporations long to explore new ways to innovate but find it challenging to do so within their existing business structure. Meanwhile, researchers and startups are laser focused on emerging trends and technologies and can operate with precision and speed.

TechConnectHub bridges the gap between innovation needs and technical community expertise through an anonymous, patent-pending, matchmaking system.


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+ Expand your external network by tapping into top tech communities and research institutes around the world.

+ Turn your innovation needs into challenges and scout to build knowledge and insights, identify breakthrough opportunities, and develop strategic partnerships with researchers and startups. 

+ Improve innovation success rate by finding, funding, and fostering researchers and startups who can accelerate your innovation program, create real value, and deliver business results.



+ An Innovator's matchmaking service where innovation challenges are posted seeking entrepreneurial solutions from the Tech Community.

  • Target tech communities and top research institutes globally. Scout your needs as innovation challenges anonymously to find researchers and startups with solutions.
  • Crowdsource to build knowledge by scouting challenges designed to tap into capabilities, resources, and identify solution in emerging tech areas of interest.
  • Search startup database We can help you find interesting startups to connect with and explore the possibilities in your areas of interest. 
  • Recruit bright-minded talent by pitching an internship or job as an innovation challenge to find passionate talent on college campuses and in the tech community.
  • Turn a patent into a product Have a patent sitting on the shelf? Get talent in the tech community to build a minimal viable product around your patent.

+ All who join become members of the Tech Community and can search current innovation needs.  Join for FREE.

+ A subscription is required to post innovation challenges in the community.



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